Hidden Tiger

Latest release!

“Save the Blue Whale”  Truly wonderful creatures that are under threat.

Save the Blue Whale – Single by Hidden Tiger (album.link)

“Save The Elephant” is inspired by these magnificent creatures who are under threat from ivory hunters.

“Save the Ocean” is inspired by the plight of the oceans and seas of our world being polluted by plastic.

“Save The Snow Leopard Too” is the 2nd EP by Hidden Tiger.  This was inspired by his daughter’s favourite animal, the Snow Leopard.  They have signed up to sponsor the Snow Leopard via WWF website:

Adopt a Snow Leopard

Enjoy the music whilst helping WWF’s efforts to save this magnificent animal.

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The 1st EP was “Save the Tiger” which was inspired by the plight of the Tiger.  Hidden Tiger will donate 10% of the mechanical royalties to the World Wildlife Fund to help work associated with work relating to saving this incredible species from endangerment.

Twitter Page is: https://twitter.com/HiddenTiger3

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